Hello amazing woman!

My name is
Marjolein van der kruk.

I am an Inner Leadership coach, leadership facilitator, and trainer, proud mum, and an avid traveler!

I empower Internationally oriented women over 40, in management and consulting, to step out of the hamster wheel of seeking external validation, feel centered, show up as their unique confident self so they can find the confident courage to live a life that feels AUTHENTIC to them!

On July 24th, 2020, I held the hands of my best friend Ronette, as she took her last breaths.

I promised her ‘I will spread your kindness in this world.’.

Little did I know that that promise on that devastating day would lead to you reading this today.

I still miss her every day, and I have grown to be my own best friend. 

I’ve learned to accept all of myself - all of my true self.

This led me to divorce my ‘perfect’ husband after 20 years of marriage.

I radically pivoted my own business, from innovation to (inner) leadership, 

while empowering my 18-year-old daughter to fly out of the nest to study abroad. 

Most importantly, I have launched the TRUE ME!

I journal on what I am proud of, every day.

I embrace any feedback I receive, as well as the validation I don’t receive.

I prioritize my own well-being. 

I feel centered, confident, and powerful.

I go after what matters to me. 

Because I know I am worth it. 

I have battled the fear of disappointing others, the guilt of putting myself first, and the consuming self-doubt. 

Living a life that feels authentic to you doesn’t have to be that hard for you. 

I am not saying it’s a walk in the park. 

I am not saying it will protect you from hardships.

What I am saying is that it all starts with leading yourself first, growing your mental and emotional agility, and your confidence. From there, you’ll find the courage, strength, and self-compassion to prioritize yourself, take empowered actions, experience the freedom of being your full powerful self, and go after your dreams.  

You will only be Unstoppable if you work in your zone of genius and embrace the things that make you feel in total alignment.

For me, this means that I only work with women who:

  • Are committed to putting in the (hard) self-work to learn and grow, and
  • Have the willingness and ability to reflect on their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, and
  • Desire to feel balanced to create a life that feels authentic to them.

This also means that if this is what you want:

  • Continue running in the hamster wheel of meeting other people’s expectations.
  • Find someone who will listen to all your sorrows and receive acknowledgment that your life really sucks.
  • Blame your manager, your parents, and/or your significant other for everything that has happened to you.  

then I am NOT for you!

If you are not into taking ownership to change your life, you generally feel like a victim and you just want to continue reading self-help books and listening to podcasts, or anything else that will keep you from having to take courageous steps, it's all good.

I'm just not your girl.

Still here? I knew I liked you.

Ready to unlock your best unstoppable self?

Book your free 30-minute Inner Leadership Call today!!

In the meantime, treat yourself with kindness!

If you don’t do it for yourself, at least do it for my bestie who is now an eternal butterfly in the sky. 

As your unique Inner Leadership Coach,

I bring and combine my expertise:

  • in biomedical sciences and neurobiology

Masters of Science at Leiden University (the Netherlands)

  • from 18 yrs in corporate pharmaceutical industry in sales, marketing, innovation and business leader positions
  • as a life coach trained Co-Active Coach
  • in the science of Positive Psychology Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology at the Flourishing Center
  • in Emotional Intelligence Certified EQ-i 2.0 practitioner, Kinch Lyons
  • in the science of Self-Love Trained in the Path of Self-Love by Christine Arylo
  • as a senior Leadership faculty at THNK School of Creative Leadership

As a side note.....I am trilingual english & dutch & french!

🇳🇱 Weet dat je bij mij ook in het Nederlands terecht kunt! Je had het misschien al geraden aan mijn naam!

🇫🇷 Aussi, sachez que je suis née en France, j'ai vécu près de Paris pendant les 18 premières années de ma vie. Je parle donc couramment français!

So what is it with The Blue Flamingo?

A pink heart

Did you know that flamingo’s feathers are pink because of the carotene in the algae, mollusks, crustaceans they eat?

The right nutrition seems to be essential for these beautiful animals to be their own true selves. 

I want to be that nutrition for you....

I want to nurture you to become your own best friend.

So that you can connect with your beautiful heart and give yourself the love you deserve.

So that you can stand tall and strong in your power, on two legs or one!

So that you can spread your wings and soar like a flamingo in the wild.

Embracing your whole true self.

The Blue ocean

Diving deep into the depth of the ocean...

Uncovering the depth of our being and of our emotions.

Surfing the waves of life.

The infinite horizon with endless opportunities. 

For me the blue ocean is a symbol of a hopeful, positive and empowered perspective on ourselves.

From there we can choose our path and grow. Blue is freedom, the sky that has no limit.

I love being on or close to the ocean, on the beach for example. The endless rhythm and sounds of the waves has a meditative effect on me. I can watch and listen for hours. It brings me peace, harmony and love. Love for the world around me and love for myself, enjoying it all.

Hence The Blue Flamingo!